<<The hurly-burly by which Masked Rider star actor and Shunsuke Takasugi are “fork debt” from a female fan>>

(Weekly mailbox  February 13, 2015, than number)

“By a “Masked Rider” star actor, from a female fan, “fork debt” hurly-burly”

It was newsworthy at last.
It becomes official that it was the floating sludge artist by which Mr. Masked Rider fact Shunsuke Takasugi repeats a small loan cheat at last.

How about Mr. Takasugi and this article, does it seem? I’m waiting for an answer from the person himself.



Good Answer.

With mogumogu_ms and.
The person of contribution you send is quite unpleasant for truth or falsehood, :-||………



Mr. Takasugi…
A hero goes out to an official place and wants you to apologize.
It’s the talk which is a shock for a rider fan, isn’t it?
Though it’s cool hard….



It’s super One, isn’t it?

I prefer, but.

Slightly regrettable.

I laughed at a picture.