A 50-year-old lady, the course but, I have grumbled, kiss and have invited to a hotel.
A partner has begun to worry about IN at the front a little to a hotel (Pretense?), So.
I have sent to the luckiness and the home and have arrived at a crossroads just as it is.

Mutual liquor was contained fairly but.
A great thing has been done.
A partner is clinging aggressively in the taxi, and I’m Deep fairly.
It was a storm of Kiss.

They’re married and a parent for a rival and us.
Now, how should it be done?
Today’s these days which feel the sign it’s touching variously.
(By the way, we’re 38 years old.)

There is no physical intercourse.
It’s fact that I grumbled, kissed and invited to a hotel.

The chance to come will also occur absolutely now.
How should it be done not to decide to have had that well?

Because it’s a storm of a regret in its fondness, but it’s ki RAZU in spilled water bon festival.
Please advise the way to come through well.


Good Answer.

You’ll be a youthful person very much, it’s made such target, a thing.

Either way your wife is sad.
If even an ordinary affair asks an unpleasant one the age, I think it’s wonderful and is a shock.

A partner be careful not to become serious, and please behave.



When 50 years old hear, he’s surprised, but will Hitomi Kuroki be about 50, too?
^^ is nice Naomi Kawashima and the Madonna, isn’t it?
If 38 is also judged from me, I’m an uncle.
Even if he comes through and doesn’t make it wax well, would a partner be just drunk, too?
I think there will be nothing any more.



When there was no physical intercourse, I don’t worry.

Because I was quite drunk… that isn’t liked! I think it’s so and it’s finished.

Please be careful of a temptation now.