A commercial of Sony non-life insurance is irritated with only BUSU.
I’d put much for the girl’s new foil, but it’s 50 steps and 100 steps.

Was Mr. Takimoto mio a bad reputation? I want you to return it.


Good Answer.

Mr. Takimoto liked me very much, too, but it had been done on Friday, so it became replacement immediately.
It was the judgement on the Sony non-life insurance side which is so much which emphasizes the favorable public image too much.
And there are no such scandals, the child maybe who is young and obedient, if, the woman now is a chosen reason, but it also has no characteristic and it’s said that a street is also bad for voice, and an eye in a commercial production side would go bad, wouldn’t it?
There are a lot of audience who held the same impression on the net, and dry criticism is rushing, so it would be the failed example which has gone out to the unfortunate result which lowers the favorable public image conversely to have made the late head of the family replaced immediately.
Founder’s tiara is the proof for Sony non-life insurance commercial! A fan is pretty from the child who is so, and much, it’s the high limit of the hurdle unexpectedly, I’m wandering by mistake.
Carefully selected brutal BUSU assembles on this park chorus version. And Maine of reliance’s rope is also subtle, don’t pour a commercial into that any more! A word is the state which becomes painful.
Scouting will be usually a star office for the child who goes out, and a commercial is a done class, and some degrees should be pretty. Sony non-life insurance wasn’t such commercial, so it’s regrettable truly.



When seeing a first commercial, Hutami did. After a long time, such, the girl who isn’t cute was seen.
The kind, a friend, is it the one which is a mark?
Maybe Mr. Takimoto was put out by Johnny & Associates after there was Johnnys report.



Saita collar, oh, a girl of outside is a female chorus group of junior and senior high school students as all the members “Little Glee Monster”. They’re also singing a song in the commercial. We’re children aiming at the real singer who also admits gosuperazu which isn’t also an idol group, so please permit about the appearance.