A love song is being seen for the first time.
Fujiwara eats, and aren’t you too poor at acting?
I’m too poor, am seeing and have a pain.
That wasn’t endured any more, and a channel was just changed.

How does everyone think of that acting?

Do you think they’re good?
Am I just strange?


Good Answer.

It calms only by you, and, SU!
Since saying so, it’s impolite but seen as literary exercises.

I don’t have Masaharu Fukuyama, either.



When are more hurdles lowered and seen? Poorness acts well and isn’t the viewpoint you can say, so one makes an unskillful comment for no kind of Mr. actors.



I thought I was good as Mr. new face.
Because I think the role of the dysphemia is difficult.
Mr. Fukuyama is poorer above all than that….
It’s felt most unskillfully in the former work.