A prediction of Kumamoto earthquake is worth.
I think it was a New Year’s program in 2016 (this year), the prediction that a catastrophe happens on April 15 was judged by a program in Osaka.

It wasn’t believed, I was writing on a calendar “catastrophe” “prediction”.
Whether you have that really my wife and 2-3 days before or-, I was speaking. Then Kumamoto earthquake has happened.
Isn’t there a person who saw this program? Do you know a broadcasting station and a program name?


Good Answer.

I was seeing this program, too.
It was checked and seen about the future person, too, but you’re quite interested in this one, right?

Please think of the person who says so that it comes off well on April 15.
Does the first big earthquake have occurred and have probably occurred in around 1 o’clock a.m. on the 16th at night on the 14th?

Saying so isn’t finished only in 14 days, isn’t it the meaning to say that I’ll get up tomorrow yet?

One is the person who doesn’t believe such one so much (He wouldn’t also like to believe it.), too, only this one is interested, and inevitable.

I also touch about May 17, but if it’s from data in the past, an earthquake in Nankai-trough seems to have occurred after an earthquake of the inland type like this time occurs at western Japan before.

So there is evidence as data in the past, not an ordinary ingredient for sushi (It isn’t corroboration.) this time, so I think the person who doesn’t believe is worth putting it in the corner at the heart, too.
Excuse me. I wrote variously, so I think there is also a place where Japanese is strange, but please don’t worry about it.



Isn’t it a prediction, and expectation?
I think even a word I resemble by “prediction” and “expectation” is different in meaning.



A time and a month, as I hit, it’s the fair physical strength, isn’t it? Excellent!
A date is also right mostly and truth is wonderful.
Maybe the date in correctness actually was also understood.
They must be a free man of today.