About Terumi of a Korean king.

I was liking a Korean king drama and was seeing variously before.
The moon CHANGUMU promises and where holds a man and the sun in me, the woman world, CHANHIBIN, TONI, I San and a princess with a king, a princess and a king.
But I was busy recently and resigned from seen leisure.
Because the Korean drama is long.

HOJUN is being judged by that by mother’s influence.
A king as the HOJUN is a king as senso, and an heir is Terumi.
But its Terumi is concubine’s child.
There is a lawful wife.
The lawful wife has a child, and I say Nagamasa maharajah. It was the life of only 8 years old.
Its Terumi has an elder brother.
I say Mr. seaside.

It’s a question with that.
Somehow I’m ignorant of history in this time.
If it’s history of a remembered Korean drama, it’s to a positive ancestor king from Nakamune king and Su-zong king from the end sect king.
Miki promises a child of king’s empress.
But concubine’s child is ordinarily living freely, I’m not going to have an ambition so much.

(1) Why could Terumi be a king?
For my younger brother, not a child and my elder brother of a concubine, not a lawful wife, king?
(2) Why was the Nagamasa maharajah of lawful wife’s child made a baking penalty?
(3) Its Terumi was a king for 15 generation king.
But after having that and passing away variously, you couldn’t get the name as “sect”, and it was treatment as “you” like Mr. Mt. Tsubame.
Why is it treatment as you?

A favor does these 3 answers.


Good Answer.

I’m liking a Samurai movie and am often seeing, too.
It isn’t a very detailed reason, but it’s at the reach I know.
It’s written, isn’t it?

(1) Why could Terumi be a king?
That it was very severe whether the Korean age was a legitimate child or an illegitimate child.
senso wasn’t lawful wife’s young, so I was thinking of a legitimate child by all means.
Because a lawful wife probably was sickly and didn’t have a child.
I think it was illegitimate child (concubine’s child) vanity.
When it isn’t suitable for a king that Mr. seaside who is eldest son wasn’t made a king heir.
It’s because it was judged.
Like Mr. Mt. swallow, it’s being talked about with a tyrant, so the problem which is probably on the character?
I have the violent mood changes and think such thing.

(2) Why was the Nagamasa maharajah of lawful wife’s child made a baking penalty?
Nagamasa maharajah is lawful wife’s child, but even if she says a lawful wife, the previous lawful wife pass away, please.
I have reached its position.
When Terumi was a king, Nagamasa maharajah was born already.
I think it was still small.
The reason which becomes opposition of the Nagamasa big proximity of a lord and the Terumi proximity of a lord with that.
Even if it’ll be a king, abandoned, because it’s insignificant if it’s done.
If Nagamasa maharajah will have a grandfather of a mother’s side in the Nagamasa big proximity of a lord, and is a king.
Does a mother take command? It was seen, stay here, it seems to have been a fact.
I think the Terumi proximity of a lord took that out on the table.
Even if it’ll be that a woman interrupts politics after all in the Korean age.
Because it was an useless thing that that is published from the beginning.
A grandfather of a mother’s side and the others are punished with that, and Nagamasa maharajah is demoted, too.
Please give me the temperature of the ondol in the room which was previous and was impounded which became exile.
While I’m sleeping, I think that I passed away.
This punish seems to be quite heavy penalty.

(3) Terumi, is it treatment as you?
It was a king, but later, abandoned, it’s done, so it’s treatment as you.

Even if it’s killed when even an illegitimate child kicks tekiko by a king heir basically.
I think the situation which isn’t strange.
When do you cause a coup, and, abandoned, because I don’t know whether it’s done.
You’re worried about a king, too, right?
So you make the marriage rather early and take out a palace, and to live secretly.
I think it’s a lot.
The coup when even if I live quietly outside, they look like Nakamune, and I’m Mr. Mt. swallow.
Because it’s the reason which has no choice but to be a king when happening.

I’m sorry to be difficult to understand.



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