am and fm want the sensitive radio which can be heard, there are too much goods, and I don’t know which you’d like. Please tell me the detailed one.


Good Answer.

I think these 2 products of Sony which has a homodyne detection circuit built-in are most to the point that I say that the radio which has no necessity ordinarily to be marketed and make an improvement any more is fine for the receiver sensitivity.

Sony  ICF-EX5MK2.

Sony  ICF-SW7600GR.

To be honest, whichever all except for this chooses, when there are no great differences in itself, I think of its performance.
When mixing and saying one besides this, I find to the big radio to perform better, but I think there are no great differences.

More than 10,000 yen of product above-mentioned is done, but the person who would like even to do Coco and hear a radio (When turning over, I have to use these products.) thinks it’s a handful. When it’s in the original watching area, I think ordinariness can be received sufficiently by a radio of the radio cassette recorder level which is being ordinarily sold at an electrical store.

Influence by the reception environment is bigger than the performance of the radio body in case of a radio.
When having not received a radio wave of a radio, a radio with a however good performance record can’t be heard. The window side generally tends to receive than an interior and than the center of the outside and the house.
When there is something to increase and interrupt the one which becomes a source of noise around here and a radio wave, the reception is difficult.
(In particular, this is conspicuous in AM. When even if there isn’t noise in the home, an amateur radio is being done at home in neighborhood, and there is a plasma television, it can’t sometimes be received any more only with that.)
It’s the impression level to the end, but since even all except for a product above-mentioned is concerned with a radio, a radio of Sony is the impression heard well more than other manufacturers.
It’s my private view to the end, but it’s until reference.
If I’m interested in noise, radiobroadcast through the internet of “radiko” and “RAJIRU☆ RAJIRU”, etc. is also maintained recently, so it’s until reference.