AQUA is bought, and, true intention regret. TOYOTA is a cheat.

The mileage, only 22, in a hurry.
20 is in a hurry for Demio.
When the engine starts, the vibration is very noisy and also cruel.
Fit is quieter and vibration isn’t also done so much.
It’s small and, interior, SHOBO KU, please, the loudspeaker is lowest and music isn’t fun at all and driving is boring.
I do true intention repentance of having bought this by 2,000,000.
Vitz is still better.
It’s the conclusion that you took it for 1 year, but such cars sell or why do you suffer from understanding?
I think Demio is the car which may be inexpensive.
All except for the mileage is all points, and a lye selah and Impreza are the top.
Mileage 34 of a catalog is a cheat clearly and the overestimate is also extreme.
Anger is even remembered.
28 is still in a hurry and when running, I’m convinced.

I made the telephone call of a complaint to TOYOTA, but it also depends on customer’s way to ride, what such excuse is in common use?
Shouldn’t 22-34 be transcribed?
Summer and winter fall below 20.
TOYOTA became hateful and it couldn’t be trusted any more.
If it’s the United States, it’s a suit large country, so you complain, and the trend will be, but isn’t there a suit in Japan?
If I think of the environment of the earth, it looks like NISSAN, and the one with which the electric car which doesn’t use gas at all is made is easily preferred in the environment.
Isn’t the numerical value as 34 of a catalog with problems clearly?
I switch off the air-conditioner, don’t take out speed any more and suppress the engine rotation number and it’s full of such restrictions, that it won’t be 34 when not driving, it should be written clearly, for?
I breathed in and said as you said if I said this by telephone.
You said that that wasn’t made if I told also to write a catalog in HP right now.
Isn’t it a prisoner of conscience-like cheat?
Though I understand, I affect the sales, so whether it’s hidden, that there are no such things if I question, explanation.
By whatever I asked persistently whether it was written, I thought I’d just like to hide it after all.


Good Answer.

You why can who sense a car so variously, Toyota, did that also choose AQUA?
Before buying it, didn’t you have a test ride?

Toyota is an unlucky quarter for you.
The manufacturer you aren’t supposed to buy.
Toyota tends to have the idea that Toyota is most wonderful, so Japanese a party thinks he won’t find to look like interrogators too hard. So it sells.
Even if the person who chooses Subaru can hold a street, too, and it’s hit, Subaru, you keep taking it, right? It’s same as that. The support which is just a swarm, kaku, just, same.
If I think so Toyota doesn’t fit, I think it’ll be so.

I think the one which took AQUA as a trade-in early, took part in a different manufacturer and changed it is preferred if it’s unbearable.
It becomes purse-like severely, but I think they’re gentle mentally.
It’s irritated, and since driving, an accident is also caused.



If the large sum of money of 2,000,000 is regarded as the compensation, it’s an important thing all cars will have a test ride, and to decide a favorite car.
In a cheat of the major maker which takes out the large sum of money in prejudice of a manufacturer and a good commercial, which, the one from the limit
An amateur keeps being surprised at a lot of the owner who doesn’t notice whether it’s tricked yet.
You’re only the one, too.
Please sell here early and look for the best car.
It’s to be never confused by manufacturer designation.

Such I understand a real car finally by a car fan in more than 30 and conclude Mazda’s CX-5.
It’s bought and the best driving life is being enjoyed.



It’s written on a catalog perfectly.
10 and 15 modes.

Method for measurement is also written neatly, and because a figure of the result is being written neatly, it isn’t a cheat.
Foolishness degree of a straw mat and the buyer who didn’t read, exposed question.