But doesn’t Hiroshi Fujioka pay a debt of fifty million yen in advance to help Shunsuke Takasugi? Hiroshi Fujioka, because it’s popular, would I be able to take out about fifty million yen at room?



Other people are saying it, too, but these 2 people think there is no costarring experience.

Hiroshi Fujioka isn’t seeing any his appearance works, so I may have that.



Even Hiroshi Fujioka is tight, isn’t he?

Anyway even one yen is good, so it’s important to return it.

Where did you fall really?



I also answered the question which is the same state in addition to the interrogator.
It isn’t the case that an unrelated third person says an irresponsible thing.
If an interrogator is the person concerned, other people say for should take it out, you go to do the full amount contribution of an interrogator, and as soon as I pay in advance, please do.