Charm can’t be felt so much about Mr. main character’s I John foot by a doctor foreigner. Though the figure when running in particular, should be the scene to which I’m running by full strength, it’s feeble somehow, lightly, seem and it’s felt.

Where do you think the one by which excuse me is a fan is preferred by the question which is displeasure very much? Is the atmosphere by the television program the figure or is acting or the humanity?


Good Answer.

It’s brilliant at Mr. IJONSOKU’s hearing your voice!
Pinocchio is ordinarily shining, too.
But when I was a doctor foreigner, it seemed subtle.

I think there are good time and time which isn’t so by the contents of a drama.
Because Mr. actor.

By the way, how to run is strange.
I think the person who isn’t so well-coordinated.



Your voice is heard and  The work of Pinocchio?
I think his allure had gone out better.

A doctor foreigner, story-like.
The side seemed difficult to take out and I thought.

The place which is a serious story only and originally.
The expression which looks like the boy his acting now and then shows and.
That it didn’t become slightly too heavy with lightness which clowned.
I think it was still better.

If Mr. other actors (person of heavier acting) are doing this.
I think thoroughly, it became too dark heavily.



I wasn’t a fan, but I thought of a* the same thing.
I overstrained myself, too and it didn’t look attractive at all, and it was stopped to see “doctor foreigner”.
I have to be able to fall into the leading role as expected-.
I also thought “It was this person weak point…” at “secret garden”.
I think that acting is somewhat impossible…