Did Goro Inagaki announce that he’s a gay officially personally?


Good Answer.

Do you think that I take a bath in a house together?
Do you think I don’t enter as far as I’m not a gay in a bathroom in a house between the men?
As that mass communication doesn’t make noise doesn’t want to antagonize Johnnys!
Because group sex with a lady was exposed, but stormy Ono hyped-up by a cocaine in the past was rubbed by the pressure out!



If it’s announced officially, it’s reported by the mass media every day! The entertainment news now, Ms. Ryoko Komekura and. Only a topic of Mr. Tsunku♂?



It isn’t being done.

Family, an affiliation, of wife’s live broadcasting, you can make them advertise.

Such gay’s couple
SSU which isn’t here.