Do Chong and Yumi of Han way actress have plastic surgery?

I think Chong and Yumi of necessary 2 are wonderful, and a romance is pretty, I was surprised to search for a picture with a net in facial difference with the past (It looked like old Shinohara and burning.) Even if it’s judged from a drama, there is a no characteristics of plastic surgery so much, the dark impression certain that which will have plastic surgery somewhere compared with the front is different.

How does everyone seem? Where do you think I fair?


Good Answer.

There were some people of Chong and Yumi by an actress, but was it a picture of Chong of “a romance was needed, 2” and Yumi?

Chong who had gone out to “a romance was needed, 2” and Yumi (It was born in 1983.)

Chong who had gone out to “TONI” and Yumi (It was born in 1984.)

When I say that it looks like old Shinohara and Mr. MOE, if anything I also think maybe you saw a picture of Chong and Yumi of the one born in 1984, but….