Does Hitoshi Matsumoto understand broadcast Japan at Kanto area of the detective night scoop which goes out?


Good Answer.

A guess answer.

I seem to be late by TOKYO MX television and be broadcast in the evening on Sunday by a net, but a broadcast minute May 8 looks like a broadcast minute April 22 and 16 days late at Kansai, doesn’t it? It’s so and is an answer by the limit which won’t be postponement by a baseball broadcast, but I answer whether it’s the evening June 12 on TOKYO MX television because a pine becomes expected to broadcast the “detective knight” who stars on May 27 at Kansai.

The broadcast which is as for other Kanto areas…

* The broadcast part is the Kansai area in case of Television Saitama on Monday, May 9 by* Television Saitama, and for a broadcast minute March 25, it’ll be still previous, won’t it? Perhaps it’ll be around July 4.

* I think that the broadcast part was for the broadcast in case of Television Kanagawa on May 5 by* Television Kanagawa on April 15 at the Kansai area, but it looks like broadcast suspension on the 12th, doesn’t it? When it’s broadcast without skipping, it’ll be around June 23.

* The broadcast schedule part looks like for the broadcast in case of a TOCHIGI television on* May 10 on April 22 at the Kansai area, doesn’t it? When it’s broadcast without skipping, it’ll be around June 14.

Just in case, it’s a guess answer. If a broadcast day of the week is approaching, the person who made sure as well as the program contents of Asahi Broadcasting may be safe.



I think Tokyo is probably the following schedule.

TOKYO MX (Tokyo) [Sunday, June 12, 17:00~17:55]

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A detective night scoop is all part person, and the broadcast date and time are dispersive, so there is also a possibility that information on this blog makes a mistake.

I’m pleasant for a broadcast, too, just in case, it seems sometimes better for yourself to confirm the broadcast schedule in program HP (;’∀’), right?