Eldest son’s wife of Ishida SAN CHI of a large family. Isn’t it very quiet? The age was also seen in 40 middle, but why did eldest son get married to such person? Are you good-natured?


Good Answer.

They’re quiet, and it’s how to say.
I’m being gentle with the family and am rendering service and.
The appearance also looks in twenties yet, but.
Eldest son looks like my father fairly, and I wear the pants in the family and.
I take off my hat really about Yoko.
I’m also good-natured and.
Though it can’t be copied, but they’re young, I’m great, I always think.



That Mr. eldest son is unexpected, because I’m a mollycoddle, I agree on a wife older than her husband.
A house was a good cook and was arranged beautifully and though it worked, I’m the wonderful female a grandmother gains gently, too.
It was being talked fairly whether a television was accustomed this time, wasn’t it?
It’s Ryo Naka lowering and I’m a well-matched married couple.



Of the appearance’s being quiet.
I think it’s unrelated.
I think the good bride who makes the family important.
A father was saying that it “was that he’d like my wife”, too and.
If I’m not a really good person.
You can’t say to such wind easily.