EXILE, MUKI which neglected security measures such as preliminary information collection and the day’s refuge lead in monster o o’s can predict a thunderbolt accident by the outdoors live broadcasting!

The accident by which the lady who visited in the open-air concert on which popular artist “EXILE” appeared in August of last year at Nagai Park in Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi “a – nation” dies of a thunderbolt has occurred. My female parents asked compensation for damages at total of about 82,000,000 yen from 2 companies of end of July and the host side’s event operating company and filed a suit to Osaka district court. Though 2 companies could predict a thunderbolt accident, a plaintiff insists that security measures such as preliminary information collection and the day’s refuge lead were neglected, but the voice to which the limit is pointed out is also rising concerning visitor’s safety ensuring from the event person concerned, and a judgement of a district court is watched.

Hiromi of Kazuko of my mother who holds a press conference as well as a photograph of a deceased person of Ms. Makiko Iwanaga who died of a thunderbolt and my father. I take to task for the host side’s “thunderbolt prediction” and “refuge lead” etc..

Rain or shine is also besides the concert by other field sport and.
Does 11 visitors of host side make a contact to all the members in case of rainy weather on the day by an indoor event?
It was blowy heavy rain on the day of musical enjoyment, but I went by taxi.
When a thunderbolt occurred, metallic items are removed, and it’s a roof, I’m going to have that and I have waited a moment.

I think it’s unfortunate and very regrettable that they passed away.
But that man predicts and stops all natural natural disasters will have it now, and isn’t done perfectly and.
If that’s made, you’d also be able to stop damage of an eastern Japan great earthquake and there wouldn’t be a person who isn’t a heavy rain flood any more, either.

When they’re thinking, how can the person’s parents who died of this accident lay the blame on others?
If they die of a thunderbolt while it’s a road in a national center test for university meeting place, does a country have to guarantee it?


Good Answer.

“Kimiko, dangerous NI doesn’t get close.” it’s self-theory to maintain safety of the body by oneself, but if the host side goes with this, an event at the outdoors is dangerous and isn’t made any more. There is danger of thunder conversely, so an event is canceled, said, when it is, a riot seems to occur, doesn’t it?
I should take precautionary measures in security measures of course. I think there are many cases of this hand, so I think it’s deliberated while consulting the judgment. Because much risk hedge should be formed into the place where they’re collected, but there is a case that a prediction starts impossible unexpected action for mass psychology.



In short when was parents’ anger also settled a little minimum lead was and an event company did, and when fitting a thunderbolt during movement?
Because it’s unreasonable actually that tens of thousands of people take refuge outdoors.
Because I knew the dangerous state, an event company should move.

As soon as cancellation is announced by the live way and live broadcasting is redone, it should have been refunded.

A thunderbolt on its movement way.
That I was luckless, it’s given up.