How does Shizuka Kudo who has gone out to medium SUTE think?


Good Answer.

I think there is no demand.
Didn’t you go out by Mary’s bulldozing?

The song such person sings doesn’t reach a complete heart.
I won’t want you to go out to medium SUTE any more.

Medium SUTE isn’t the program to which Shizuka Kudo now can go out.
The program to which the singer playing an active part at the front line should go out.

May that you could go out to medium SUTE in 14 after also be the one a SMAP dismissal turmoil influences? (Leaving of an I manager and the thing liked by Vice President Mary) the moment, the intention that a song is heard also vanishes.

You can’t defy Johnny & Associates, so when Mary tells medium SUTE to take it out, a television station takes it out…, doesn’t it?

If such person was taken out in medium SUTE, I wanted you to take out other people.



Is that a wig?



It was cool!
I think it’s in demand in particular from the lady who is of the same generation.
If I’m such beautiful 46 years old, it’s nice, isn’t it?