How were Ms. eldest daughter and Mitsuo done in large family Ishida SAN CHI?
I like Ishida SAN CHI for large family most, so I’m interested, and it’s inevitable. There will be some circumstances, but I’m interested.


Good Answer.

The age is reverse almost, but I go from an order of the program, and it’s from Mitsuo.
I join in Mitsuo from a probation in a major television program production company after cameraman education college graduation and train myself, Ms. quite older she’s frustrated and it’s possible and changes into string. (Summary site referring)
After that it’ll be a host or be the one which was string or a disappearance of line Masatomo RAZU.
In the family’s event, Mr. eldest son, I call, there is a scene.
A chocolate manufacturing factory is working, and Ms. eldest daughter is living alone. I also participated in the family’s event, and there was also form that my father often goes to see a face.
(When Mr. Uchiumi of a narrator has died.) Ms. eldest daughter isn’t appearing from a last broadcast.
Because father reason can make the boyfriend eldest daughter, too, and it “is important time now”, you cut down an appearance.
Because it’s your home a TV camera enters as expected, isn’t it also considered in the other party?
Then Mr. Eldest son’s bride is wonderful, isn’t she?