I can get married, and it isn’t done. Does Yasushi Seto who is so like Miki Nakatani?


Good Answer.

When seeing the first talk, I thought so.

Because they always seemed to be worrying about it when having carried lunch by catering.

I’m university-graduate and interested in job-hopping part-time worker’s setting. It was well-founded and it was being talked about, so as a drama is developed, you should also touch the reason.

The second talk has not been seen yet-, has it?



Did they pass away?
Miki Nakatani is similar to wife’s picture.



Every man be interested in Miki Nakatani.
A story seems developed, doesn’t it?
No, after former Cano is appearing for a favorite.
What happens, and, if they were two feelings before.
It was separated, but I turn back with that.
NO or*…
I deviated. The role of Mr. Yasushi Seto?
Please abuse a free-spirited IKEMEN younger person.
You’ll like the person who thinks so, right?
Though Miki Nakatani is so beautiful for him.
Fall in love, it’s eaten, that it’s wasteful
It may be as I’d like to pick, and.
I have fallen in love really, and it’s to the wax in same.
If I think.
UN. I invite her to play and date.
They seem to do and say.
Do you be thinking importantly and be waiting as JI-near?
I, I think, because Mr. Yasushi Seto is IKEMEN.
I think the business which abuses her.
Oh, when unready-I’d like to play for marriage.
Only the partner who is saying and is playing seems not to think.
When I’d like to get married.
Please cool down and grind on in work with that.
That’s right.
Well, but it has not been understood any more….