I do new car purchase of the daily throughput days and am 1 month old.


Good Answer.

I get on DEIZU. It’s bought, and it’s 1 year. It’s different in person respectively where to emphasize of course, ahead, because many years are a used car, the mileage worries about it as expected, and it was bought, but… is this position, it has a little high… (warai) fuel consumption, but the design was liked and, it’s a shock fairly for me who minded and bought the mileage. It isn’t finished because of only that problem freely, it isn’t finished.



If I worry about the mileage and drive a car, you should take an electric car.
Something by which a car runs to GAS food. Even if I worry about it, a few differences are inevitable.



It has the fuel consumption higher than actual condition. The other manufacturers are also doubtful.
Perhaps the Mitsubishi daily throughput is quite bad. In it should be.

When selling it, the person who buys it decreases, so of course, the price falls.

If it’s sold, it’s rather early.

Your self-responsibility from which these vehicle and manufacturer were chosen at the end.