I have moved from Fukuoka-ken.

After even a new address would like to hear Fukuoka’s broadcast.
Please change it to SUMAHO from GARAKE-.
Please enter a radiko premium.
♪ heard

Now, it’s a question.
Please record a broadcast.
Of the application which can be heard later.
Don’t you have that?

Because it’s a mechanical tone-deaf person.
Could you tell me as gently as possible!
Or setting of radiko.
You made it SUMAHO.
Please show it to a shop assistant of au.
When I want you to do in order to use it.
♪ of which I think

A mechanical tone-deaf person.
But I’d like to hear.

Thank you,♪.


Good Answer.

Recording software corresponding to a premium doesn’t exist by a cell phone application.
Radikool of free software for Windows will be most suitable. Premium correspondence.

But, by a mechanical tone-deaf person, and, if I’m the person who doesn’t have a mind to excuse and study how to use the software by himself, free software can never be used. It has no choice but to be determined first, doesn’t it? Immediately, a net search.