I knew the character of red John of a tryst of noodles by a broadcast of a super drama.
Fact Percy was red John, for a criminal George Mason.

Is everyone of a fan of a tryst of noodles consent with this?
There was little McAllister sheriff TE appearance number of times, so it’s thin for the memory not completely satisfactory.
And it was said that there was also a cooperator in the center of FBI and the investigation for red John. If I think so red John is a person who has considerable authority. The TE feeling which is what it’s also in being an ordinary sheriff.
The end was an attachment so that I thought such as begging for the life.

Does everyone think this was fine for the character of red John?



Good Answer.

It was marvellous that I was sheriff McAllister.
Is it you at the last end! It was.

But the street you say, the last begging for the life, SHIRAKE.
But the expression Jane kills by her hand is true.
There was something hair-raising.

Oh, isn’t it by can be said that it was good?



It’s decided for a smallshot it’s also unfounded and to kill a woman and a child. This was fine. The power doesn’t do to taint and not to work also not to profit by oneself.

But I revenge myself on red John, and, the end? When will destruction of a break association start now? Or, I don’t feel refreshed-.



That’s right.
1919 of a Corporation union techno was an attachment more than I thought, wasn’t it?