Icehouse Kyousuke, the* singer/songwriter at whom a tear doesn’t stop referred about a suicide problem and young people’s bullying at a home studio.

It’s written with, but don’t you think icehouse Kyousuke is an owner of the really wonderful character as well as singing ability? What kind of feeling do you think a set list of the last live broadcasting will be? After retiring, would you make a spectacular showing as a lyricist and a composer? Do you refer more than now about a suicide problem and young people’s bullying? Are you making any comments by a fan club up to now? How about an overseas reaction? By the way what is the name of the real name? Is a real name exhibited by 2ch, fc2, youtube, vine, blog, instagram, twitter, facebook, INSUTA and line? What are the contents? Is the last gig of the last end published by a url source of a perfect free site hp home page? How many yen is the price of the ticket how much? How much is the price of the auction? A gif animation, a picture, a picture, sha ME and print club, illegal copies without a look pear unrevised mosaics, the sneak shot, the tapping recording and a recorded possibility are also high, so he thinks security is important, but is the person himself no comment really? Are the association partner and the marriage partner necessary for a hymn lock? I think that a face of my wife and wife becomes the topic of conversation for some reason, but do you have an association experience of relations of the sexes of her and boyfriend and female travel? Are there no collapse and divorce reki? Have not you rumored a love relation between during intense devotion and intense devotion detection with too cute female manager and staff by the pretty beautifulness which looks like I? How old is the age? You degrade, and geki gets thin, and is geki the person with experience who gained weight oppositely? It’s said that there was writing in, but to have ended up in a quarrel with professional guitarist Hotei Tomoyasu in boowy age in the old past such, is it GASENETA in false DEMAKASE? The capacity of the guitar is good at me and both or it’s obvious that they’re good or that I’m poor, but which degree is the probability that it’ll be re-formed again from now on?

The general public who makes specification and the cause investigate eagerly seems to have a pain, too, but when which is great, David, a bellboy or icehouse Kyousuke, do you think of the cause of death by which the news that David bellboy has died has died of a shock very much? There seems to be a person who says that it isn’t a match by a rank of sales, too, but there is also process which became a 1st place of single and album dominance, not the sales and are you a wonderful singer both? Do David bellboy and a prince know Mr. icehouse? Is there relationship of a friend and a friend acquaintance? Do you have a father and anyone in addition to my mother parents for family structure in Mr. icehouse? Are there a brother of my elder brother, younger brother, younger sister and elder sister and a sister? Are they single? Are you a married person? Has not a conjugal life been enjoyed fully as my husband as your husband husband? What are educational background and the trigger prehistory awaken for a musician? The attracted person who thinks there was a trigger had and I have become fond of a thing in Mr. profile birthdate icehouse, not a home town and the birthplace in which place when to do born, so would you tell me? Is bad condition of an ear a joke? I heard that Ms. Ayumi Hamazaki was difficulty in hearing, too, but did you look like a songstress and decline? What kind of feeling are height cm and an official record of weight kg? Who will have a right to decide for a costume? They don’t know a name of school, but are the classmate who got a graduation album and a former classmate happy because they possess sotsu Al with Mr. icehouse? Is there latest information which appears on 2 Channel? How many times a year does icehouse Kyousuke, the singer/songwriter refer about a suicide problem and young people’s bullying at a home studio? It’s May now at present, but do 2016 years, 2017 years, 2018 years, 2019 years, 2020 years, 2021 years, 2022 years, 2023 years, 2024 years, 2025 years, 2026 years, 2027 years, 2028 years and 2029 years pass, and refer about a bullying problem by TSUITTA, face book fb, Ince tag lamb, a blog and Rhein with February, January, December, November, October, September, August, July, June, April, March?


Good Answer.

I’m regrettable, too. Who would expect such ending why? No one should be able to expect surely. For icehouse Kyousuke to retire from live broadcasting really. The draft beer and LIVE are cool and the natural voice is also cool, so I liked very much, but the last live broadcasting is regrettable, isn’t it?

After retiring, you’d refer about a suicide problem and bullying!
The generation when they’re influential and young is also popular at present now from the prime from men and women of all ages from an elderly person and. An achievement is expected!