I’d like to say to the person seeing Ishida family of a large family!

A father of Ishida family, LOREAL business general manager annual income, by more than 16,000,000.

Moreover with the selling point of a large family? I promote, and, a mother sells a large family, and, book and performance? Be, gold making a profit

KE? After Ishida family does, and becomes rich increasingly, spoils my stupid son and brings up badly.

When there is no one hundred million, can’t a mother live on the second half of a program? Is TO or the severance pay which says, and is a dad more than 50,000,000? The house where it’s so can be bought and.
A household annual income is riches of more than 16,000,000 for Ishida family!

Is everyone the riches who has a 16,000,000th place of household annual income for a program of Ishida family loving person?

I like a television of a large family, but the large family of Ishida family is hateful!

A dad of Ishida family becomes an open general manager of LOREAL with the selling point of a large family, and, an annual income, nearly 16,000,000, because that mother spoils my stupid son, and raises, makes reckless remarks, breaks a thing and makes it the delinquent who boots whether others are troubled badly because she has this.
I keep spoiling so that there are no other BIGGUDADI, Watazu family and comparison, it’s seen,‼ which isn’t patient


Good Answer.

I was seeing a large family of Ishida family and got mad, too.
Uh, Shunji? A TE child breaks an electric fan and makes reckless remarks in cameraman’s others, and is impertinent!

The child who did eldest son and Japan Self-Defense Forces and graduate school? The boy who went and the males which are being high-school-graduate and are working are a parent, I think I don’t say an irresponsible utterance and am a good child even if I sulk and take a bite of.
If I also saw the child who goes on that beauty school breaking an electric fan, making reckless remarks in a cameraman and making reckless remarks in a mother, too, I got mad, too!
And I got mad at a mother’s being contented, handing it to spending money and making them go on a beauty school.

Stay here by the child to whom a parent is preferred if he sulks and is taking a bite of!

Shunji who goes on that beauty school of Ishida family if they’re Watazu family and a large family of BIGGUDADI, red snapper for school is making a parent do whether the child who makes reckless remarks drives by itself? I should apologize to a parent for TO or a child!

Reckless remarks were being made for a cameraman and a parent, but the beauty school line also handed spending money, and a parent thought a child was the feces child who breaks an electric fan and makes reckless remarks in others, too, when it was stupid.