I’d like to tell me a PC or the way to record an FM radio in iPhone.


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The one which is a snowy cricket most will be to ring an FM radio, keep iPhone in front of it and record using a voice memo application, won’t it? Appointment from the time when it’s Showa that a mother cries “It’s rice!” from the rear during recording.

It’ll be also a hand to connect an FM radio and a PC by appropriate audio cable and use free software for recording like Moo0 by a PC, won’t it?

If an FM radio is a page of of a PC, and living in the area which can be heard, free software for recording such as Radikool and Radika can also be used, please study by author’s page of each software.

The one which is a snowy cricket can record only and most certainly, and is to buy the radio which can be recorded. It’s consultation at a mass sales store of home electronics.