I’ll expect a work next to the Masked Rider ghost.


Good Answer.

It’s SHUBO in “Zippo”, “Dupont” and “Dunhill” taken out from a bosom.
How about the “mask writer” who ignites and transforms himself quietly?
I’m the dandy hero who seems to become popular for your wives, w.

A catchphrase, “Light my heart!”
They seem to have that actually by the formula, that it’s unexpected, coolness, a word, w.

Number 2, a rider, “Masked Rider chukka man”
That the name is omitted and called, they look like a rider man, w.

Please, in the motif of something to make them associate “smoking” by a program for children.
It can’t be used, regrettable! w

P.S. But it’s “lighter” in the “Masked Rider supermarket, 1”-39th talk.
A mystery man Franke writer of a motif has appeared, so that it’s unexpected, may it be an ant?
↑ The :-0 I don’t have




Whether it can no longer be called a rider, too.

A sailor or a train driver, for a main character…



When saying next year, “a demon laughs” at you, for, don’t you know a proverb or…?