I’m in trouble about a gravel commercial.
When that commercial is called off, uncomfortable air floats down the family, my friend and the sweetheart who happened to be present at the place.


Good Answer.

I’m laughing with my husband by my home and am seeing a commercial….
Is there a reason which becomes uncomfortable air?



It’s understood. First when seeing, I thought of a fly.
Does a condition act like GURA with PAPA?
Do you act like GURA by yourself? It’s impossible to say, here, KA.
Is a child the one by which a condition acts like GURA with PAPA? It becomes embarrassed because whether a child is excited, and ver isn’t being seen any more.
For my time parents seeing cm, what is gravel? Please, the warai (^^;; heard
It’s a game of smart phone, therefore it’s being explained.



It’s understood, it’s understood terribly. It isn’t let run at noon, such commercial I’d like to investigate