I’m surprised to see today’s medium sute.
It’s abrupt and I’m sorry, is there a debt or something in Mr. Gackt?

I’m Mr. Gackt lover, I think work isn’t chosen at all recently. The work which was being declined is being ordinarily also done several years before, isn’t it?… Of home opening to the public.

It’s as far as I’m happy, that I can know a private life of Mr. Gackt, the, I’m slightly worried on the one hand.

You’d like just to work widely, and which is it, that I’m coming into action like now or there are some circumstances, and that I have no choice but to work?


Good Answer.

I have read your question and have laughed. A person who holds the previous image certainly thinks so (warai), doesn’t he?
Because a robot is dancing until the other day, and it’s “Miss AGE” this time.

Pros and cons are the song in the inside where 3 songs of all new songs following that are also RR II live broadcasting “to a small devil, VUN” which is here.
“Small devil HEVUN” is also something to enjoy oneself by everyone at the live inside different from an original worldview at the inside as GACKT is saying to itself “I played.”, too. The U + music which can dance different from K, I make, and I think a fan places.

I think there was also service to a fan for a television appearance of raging billows from dusk last year because almost all year before last was photography in Romania.
But I think there is still a center of his activity in live broadcasting.
“The YOO-!!!! which doesn’t have money” was often crying out for whole live broadcasting certainly.

Because he’s always performing some roles in the live broadcasting as an individual, I don’t feel uneasiness at all in GACKT as an actor. Don’t you think it’s wasteful to bring that exquisite toque to an end only in live MC?

I thought that home opening to the public also looked like the ingredient for sushi peculiar to GACKT, and I’d like.



It’s a 10th anniversary of solo campaign this year, so I also go out to a variety much, and it’s said that they’re doing fan service.
It’s to the extent it was rather a little little recently. Before was regular of Domoto brother and.

Small devil heaven is the song which can rise by live broadcasting and I think it’s a fitting new song in a year with a lot of live broadcasting. Because the person himself pronounces this song to have been idle, too, we, a fan will play, too, ^^

Whether it’s impolite to that it’s being done variously in 10th anniversary to regard as a debt because I think of a fan importantly. Without thinking so, I’ll enjoy myself 10th anniversary purely!



What is the work several years ago were declining?
Is home opening to the public about the movie and the drama appearance judged not to need to be oneself when it’s being also done and declined at Maris?
I think the stance to work isn’t different even now because I’m saying that a drama is being sometimes declined by a magazine.
I’m out to variety in plenty from the front also. There was the one at a lot of midnight before.
Because I have been out to various programs from the past, how are there cod and such one this year?