Is ATSUSHI in EXILE in the medicine?

There is also a rumor that it’s arrested soon….

It isn’t believed at all! I don’t want to believe it!


Good Answer.

Umm, you can think, right?
Because you’re living in the terrible pressure.
I’m going to be interested in by what kind of shape it’s opened how usually to cancel this pressure.
A tattoo is put in and the hair is made novel, and when it’s good for a body because there is quite stoic aspect, it’s tricked, and.. what thing may also have..?

But if it’s the level of the rumor, I’ll decide not to believe such one.
It looks like Asuka and small Minako Mukai and is BUTTON, there are also no senses and.



When Mr. ATSUSHI is too thin, will it be “in medicine”?

I just dieted as there was something as the best weight in him, and it was its weight, “in medicine”…. Because it’s this, ANCHI…?

After all because what is the “territory fat by 10 % of percent of body fat in the EXILE clan?



Then, if not believing it, would you just like? Because I don’t also know whether it’s true, w.