Is hero T of special effects Mr. Shunsuke Takasugi of super 1?

Why would you turn the name down?
Did you judge that a bruise can stick to a sign of Masked Rider series and lie down?

And Takasugi

Does SAN think you can’t concern the deepest bottom of the earth rider?

Your answer, please.



Because it can be said another station and Masked Rider is broadcasting at present, it seems it could be said fact and whether it was considered.
If it’s so, consideration SHIRO is also talk a transformation belt.



I thought as… really.

You didn’t permit betraying fan’s heart, but what did one have, too, Mr. Takasugi or…?

I like super 1 very much, so I want you to recover sometime.



If it’s a criminal case, a face appears with the name without one’s own permission, but even a gray zone isn’t a debt nonpayment as of now.
A star gives his real name with a face by this degree, and ordinariness will be report, but it’ll be taken out, and is a bureau seeing not having that with the general public?
At any rate, an entertainment world wouldn’t be able to appear on a hero relation.