Is it because a vocal can’t dance, that EXILE doesn’t receive the pressure from Johnnys of the world? Or is the appearance because it isn’t put on with Johnnys selling a beautiful neutral handsome boy manly?

But taka Hiro is Johnnys face, isn’t he?

The male dance unit heard that everyone came under the pressure of Johnnys and didn’t build in the table easily including w where it probably sold most besides Johnnys- inds.


Good Answer.

The dance and the music which Johnnys makes the pressure subject as Mr. interrogator says but, you’d have a just different one for a vocal, the case that you split up into a dancer, Johnnys and directionality, right?
Further, because EXILE belongs to avex which is a substantial super-major company, the pressure, I don’t have that, I think it’s equal. Oh, if the pressure by which it’s for costarring refusal and press restraints does EXILE now, Johnnys is too plain, and would be also damage to the image, but.
By the way, there is much evidence so that the person who will have no pressure of w-inds. and Miura great Chitou any more is strange.
There was a case that it was Janney Kitagawa who is a president made the sexual abuse a belonging star, and you didn’t return that even a trial was admitted at all and also pointed more New York Times out to overseas media, but while keeping quiet that even the inside is most decisive. Oh, many things like this are on a net conversantly, so please check it.



I think it’s because a fan layer doesn’t also put on its expectation like Mr. interrogator, but I think such pressure isn’t broken off before.
One can’t agree a little that Mr. TAKAHIRO says Johnnys face, but it’s closest in* EXILE, but…



Hiro of a president is great, oh, it’ll be because I’m familiar with a person and a leading figure in an entertainment world.

Because a bad rumor isn’t heard.
A just wonderful person.