“Is it first tastefulness?” please, with the contents into which the claim rushed?
It was broadcast last week by a weekly magazine of the sale today, please, what are the contents by which the claim rushed into the broadcast contents? It was being seen, but it isn’t understood. Is it the fact that a 3-year-old child takes Akitashinkan line by himself?


Good Answer.

It was being seen, and it was irritated. Of the true first time, you use it.

* Store within the walking range with going many times with a parent (I don’t make them go barhopping.)
* The bought goods, small sum (something light and small)
* I make a memo last (I make money last, and doesn’t make the annual child who can’t read go out.)
* Money carried, only the purchase price.

But it’s ordinary. Because I’ll establish easy shopping there is need, and to make a child, not to make them shop experience it.

But if it’s that, it won’t be the picture a television station desires (An audience bites.). I’ll be making the condition severe gradually and make it the contents until it seems ridiculous to keep an audience from leaving.
To be honest, there even is often a matter of a soft ice cream in recent variety, “GACHI, so such trouble has occurred.”,-like acquirement has seen.

Documentary which makes a child do use, a television station thinks a moral is too excited, and is lost it itself has matched any more at the time, and in a hurry to make the manneristic program as which the audience rating can be taken continue.

The claim will come, but what is it, because it’s said that an audience is seeing only that, a program would continue, wouldn’t it? I won’t see any more.



The stupid sister who lives in Nagano-ken Zenko-ji (5 years old and 2 years old)
The purpose you use  A stick of incense, the Budda’s teacup and baking are bought.

Before going to an envoy, I play by a park and spend the pocket money on shaved ice.
A stick of incense and a teacup are bought at Zenko-ji, but I drop by a toyshop.
My elder sister buys a piece for my younger sister and buys a toy of Prix cure (\1980).
Baking is bought.
Money carried is \70. The ice cream which is \300 at an ice cream shop in an… branch store though it’s so, buying
Before paying, I bite.
When a shop assistant sees a purse, be amazed, and please point to a disguising yourself staff.
You say “I’m lending that uncle 300 yen and say, and.”

This was this claim.

It seems to be an adult of a money sense zero in the future.



It’s said that they ordered a soft ice cream at 300 yen from the sister’s who went to buy an offering not having enough money.
It’s said that the result staff took out 300 yen.
But when eating ice cream, a person in a store seems to have got money.

A personal opinion.
I think a person in a store should have money and hand ice first.