Is Mr. Ishida of a large family the fact that Yoko of CHI eldest son and Takayuki’s wife has divorce reki…,…?


Good Answer.

Divorce reki was writing that I had that with a net.., wasn’t it?
Both are good, but it’s than divorce reki.
I was interested in being always deadpan.

Eldest son of Mr. Ishida person  Takayuki likes very much.
I have a sense of responsibility, and I’d like taking care of, leadership
Though I laugh and put it in next anytime if I’m your wife.
I labored under a delusion (warai).



When now is happy, divorce reki is unrelated.
Because it’s the information which has not gone out to media.
Whether it’s said that they pass, it was surprise.

True separation



It’s unrelatedness talk separately. Even if that’s true, the necessity to broadcast isn’t felt.