Is ONA● for the gravel meaning?

I saw the commercial communicating using a word as “glove RU” and wondered.
I thought I came exactly when everything was changed for “O,● knee” or “SE,● camphor tree”, so I questioned.


Good Answer.

I think I make it meaningful feeling and am making them have an interest deliberately!



“I play SUMAHOGEMU as Grand blue fantasy.” I capture, and it’s glove RU.



It’s charged that one often comes across it in Twitter.
But one thinks the login number of times of 1 day.
The one which is being done with 2 people, jealousy? SHITENNO is of communication.
Is a parent one charged fairly?
Is it gravel? O YA, because, you can’t say a certain thing, but….
But by which even such meaning is caught certainly, caught.