Is the name of this one found out?



Good Answer.

It’s an advertisement model of Kyowa fermented biotechnology, isn’t it?

I often come across the question and the topic which will visit these person’s details with a net, but it probably seems to be the picture in the site of picture sale.

A general person has sold a moved picture and has seen the special story program made spending money gain.
Picture of the child and the (^-^; by which I thought I sold it and wasn’t afraid

The picture you asked about was the “the Japanese middle-aged and the elderly, lady” material.

I think because the same picture was used, even lower other business organizations aren’t stars and models, etc., “the material” is the right one.

I think so it’s difficult to find out the names.
(If star activity is done, further down and she may be revealed.)

※ In being not Mr. partner who did an answer request, I’m sorry.