Is there a radio live relay broadcast for a red bull and air lace Chiba 2016?

It’s a red bull air race of 4 and 5 day Chiba holding in June, but TOKYO FM, Inter FM and bayfm are named on support.

But a site of every radio station couldn’t confirm the information on a live relay broadcast.
If you know the radio station you cover by live broadcasting on the day, please tell me.


Good Answer.

The name of more than one broadcasting station is on support, not sponsorship, so I think television relay isn’t also done when it isn’t 1.

When removing Olympics, it’s about the baseball and the soccer horse racing from which a rule is generally learned about that the sports real condition is being reported live by a radio, isn’t it? When it’s necessary to broadcast on the spot in detail to explain the situation because there are no pictures, and still the rule explanation and the celebrity only a fan knows are talkative and add the explanation of a short player to that time isn’t enough, I think it’s quite difficult.

Even on the previous day, Yahoo! If it’s checked by a radio, it’s certain, but if it’s 13:00-16:00, TOKYO-FM holds a program of the whole country net, so a possibility is near a zero.

By the way, when explanation was a necessary rule by associate sound by HA where rugby relay was heard by Nippon Broadcasting System and NHK television, and a picture was not, it couldn’t be understood. The Super Bowl was reported live by a radio for the first time in J – WAVE, but this was heard and missed.