Is TONI a Korean three great ugly woman?


Good Answer.

No, it isn’t TONI, and “CHANHIBIN”.

Korean three great ugly woman and (Korean three great monstrous girl)

In chronological order.
1 and Chun green water (CHANNOKUSU) “장녹수”
The year of birth unknown-1506)
A concubine of the 10th Mr. Mt. generation king swallow (Jon group).
The fatherhood was choukanhitsu which served as Tadashi Kiyomichi Humiyoshi prefectural ordinance (한필), but my mother was a mistress. Therefore green water was kinama of Mr. sei Andai who is Narimune’s cousin. A house of Mr. sei Andai bore my son between me the other day.
The features weren’t so excellent, but the reputation spread because the genius-like ability was indicated in the art field of the manifoldness including [1] and music and dance. Mr. Mt. swallow who heard this received green water into a seraglio, made it shukuhime (SUGWON) and loved her. It was sealed by shukuyou (SUGYON) in 1503.
Though Chun green water was the lowly’s hometown, I moved a monarch of a country and had power in hand. My true elder brother, Zhang Fukuji (Chang and Box) and the son are promoted to husband’s (Jan inn) status from the lowly with the foundation of king’s love. Power was also abused in these other ones and people’s hostilities were collected, and it was a cause of the cause of the ruin of Mr. Mt. swallow.
But her prosperity doesn’t continue lengthily, by lunar calendar September 2, 1506 and success of a coup (Nakamune Hanzei and Zhang John Van John), Mr. Mt. swallow, abandoned, after being done, Chun green water could be caught and sentence to a beheading penalty as well as ninsamuraikou and a money monkey in front of the army container temple like a money monkey of ninsamuraikou (IMU SAHON) and the eunuch (shrine maiden) which were a staff of Mr. Mt. swallow (Kim and a snake won). I say that many people showered her beheaded dead body with booing while throwing a stone.
Movie “king’s man”, drama “king and princess” and “king and I”
The drama “scheme-in an empress and NOKUSU- court” CHANNOKUSU role: PAKU CHIYON

2 and teirantei (Chong and nan John) “정난정”
The lady who were in-laws of the Yi-Dynasty 11th generation king and 3rd Mr. Nakamune’s empress Buntei oukisakiin.
shoonna born between teiinken and the side woman which were the officer who serves Nakamune excelled, and it was the side woman of otoutoinmotokou of Humisada king queen (윤원형), and after killing a lawful wife with poison, was keishitsu.
suirenchoumatsurigoto of Humisada king queen was supported, politics were led the time of the predominance of man over woman and the time of the prosperity called “the woman world” was sent.
It was dictated to Mrs. Sadayuki of Shoichi items who is the status of the outside best of court ladies of the fourth and fifth ranks].
But the other former wife killing which was deprived of a support and deprived of Mrs. Sadayuki’s status is going to be accused after death of Humisada king queen of, I have punishment for a person at the front taken to the right prohibition center “, rather than, when, when death was chosen personally, I made a will and planned for suicide by taking poison.
It was a TV drama appearance after a long time that a heroine “Chong and nan John” was performed by a drama “the woman world” by an international star actress “can and SUYON”.

3 and choukihin (Chang and HIBIN) (희빈 장씨/장 희빈)
1659- 1701)  hin of 19th generation king Su-zong in the Yi-Dynasty (the concubine’s highest rank of a Korean king). Real mother of 20th generation king keishuu. It’s also called choukihin (a favorite mistress day, oh/CHANHIBIN). A real name, tamatei (OKUCHON).
Factionalism of a Westerner party and a party of South people is developed at Korea in those days, a Westerner party, Mr. hitoshikenoukisakibin, I was taking office for a support. But it wasn’t also blessed with a child via 6 years after hitoshikenoukisaki was made by an empress. A party of South people such as a souretsu great king great princess who has his eye there sent Mr. “superior to a beauty” [1] Zhang to a seraglio in 1687 (Su-zong, 12 years).
Mr. Zhang is built for “shukuhime (SUGWON)” and moreover promoted to “Akira ceremony (soy)”, and produces prince plum in (back keishuu) in 1688. An number was promoted to “hin (pin)” by the services in 1689 (Su-zong, 15 years), and was made “kihin (HIBIN)”, and plum in was made by a king heir. More hitoshikenoukisaki was given up and Mr. Zhang was installed as an empress (tsuchinotomikankyoku). This Korean historical Yui is a Westerner party by empress’s installation from a person’s of school children, a period was struck arbitrarily, but a party of South people changed, and seized power.
On the other hand, restoration movement of hitoshikenoukisaki ( “Mr. bin, Shigesada movement”) was developed by Konshiyun Sawa by a Westerner party. Because Su-zong uneasy about power’s of a party of South people growing impudent like former Westerner party schemed for hitoshikenoukisaki in order to check the party of South people which makes Mr. Zhang a support by being restored to a princess, Mr. Zhang was downgraded by the place by “hin” from an empress in 1694 (Su-zong, 20 years), and hitoshikenoukisaki was restored (kinoeinukankyoku).
When hitoshikenoukisaki died of illness in 1701 (Su-zong, 27 years), if empress’s death was because Mr. Zhang cursed using a witch, a Westerner party made a false accusation. As a result, Mr. Zhang received death from Su-zong (gift death).

It’s so.