It has been captivated by BABYMETAL recently.

I knew the name for a long time, it’s attracted by charm in the other day’s medium SUTE, and an animation is being often seen.
So recommended liveDVD was being told to everyone of a fan.
I’d like to hold!
Thank you!



Good Answer.

Welcome to the world of BABYMETAL! warai

Charm of BEBIMETA is LIVE by far the most, so a LIVE picture is seen, and enters the war on LIVE and wants you to sense its pleasure sometime by all means!

A recommended DVD is 2.
“LIVE in LONDON” which filmed a performed 2 performance by “LIVE at BUDOKAN” and London at Nippon Budokan.
It becomes LIVE in 2014 both, but these 2 will be something recent by the DVD which can usually be bought.
A link of a formal online shop of a baby metal (ASUMATO) is stuck just in case.

-> ttp:// shop=0&cat=100131&awrd=1

It was a little expensive with a fixed price of less than 8000 yen respectively, but an import edition started to be sold at a Japanese CD shop recently.
If it’s an import edition, 3000 yen can’t be also done and can be bought, so if it isn’t enough, but it’s said that they want, I’ll recommend this to you.

By the way,….
I have the one as “New Year fox festival” performed at Saitama super arena in January of this year for something latest by the DVD sold at present.
But purchase by a fixed price is the goods which aren’t made at present (>_<) because this was sale by reservation limitation of a fan club. I have no choice but to buy it by an auction to buy it, it’s very expensive, so I won’t recommend you. A picture of “Road of Resistance” is rising as formal MV in youtube from a fox festival at this New Year!




The grown-up process is seen, so buy it completely! It’s the place where you’d like to say so, but when I’ll mix and recommend you, SU – METAL is LEGEND IDZ which filmed “Over The Future” which was singing in the karen girls age and LEGEND19991997 in which “Lefranc of a soul” was recorded, isn’t it? The music out of which a basis as BABYMETAL is formed is recorded in every disk, but these 2 songs aren’t recorded in other picture works.