It seems that Kei Shimizu was drunk by place George up, doesn’t it?
Kei Shimizu in the opening picture of Setagaya base is killed, isn’t he?
Talk of clear water isn’t also done at all, is it?
You aren’t also appearing on television of a surface wave, right?
You made a place get angry, and was it dried?


Good Answer.

It was forgot whether it was CS or internet broadcasting, but Mr. Kei Shimizu seems to be appearing on a golf program of a program in the same timeslot.
The program is repeating rebroadcast, and it’s said that the rebroadcast has been crashed time of the Setagaya base.
Please see and see Mr. Kei Shimizu’s blog for more information.
It’s said that the broadcast date and time of the Setagaya base are change from October, so can’t I return from October?