It’s anti-Japanese by a Korean performing artist, so please tell me the performing artist who pronounced not to come into action in Japan.
By sudden mail, excuse me!
I saw the one you’re answering by the matter of Kim and TEHI.
If you’re Korean, the anti-day is proper (hi), isn’t it?
Extremely, from there is also a cause of behavior and I don’t like Kim and TEHI, but it’s big fan of a Korean drama.
Antipathy was also growing stronger in Fuji Telecasting which made Kim and TEHI a star.
But you seem to have raised funds by an earthquake disaster and, it’s thanks for other Korean performing artist persons, too☆, isn’t the country where☆ is bad for your Korea brainwashed? The feelings which also sees the best answer which is so, and is very complicated and, I’m filled with deep emotion.
Excuse me. A lot, talk, that, oh, it was done, but could you tell me the performing artist who pronounces not to come into action in Japan you know?


Good Answer.

As far as Kim, HYONJU and KU HESON know to have done the remark like pointing out, I’m here.
I don’t hear that Kim and HYONJU have the good record of performance which starred in an anti-Japanese drama and are coming into action by Japan actually, but there is also no demand from Japan, isn’t there?

I think I remarked KU HESON remarked on Takeshima problem, and that didn’t come into action in Japan if this matter was in the way, I come to PUROMO to Japan by “than a flower, the boy” and calculate, I was working, so KU HESON was the star with whom a remark and behavior aren’t parallel, wasn’t it?
But I have not come any place but PUROMO to a television station, so I may go not to carry on Japanese campaigns aggressively.

KU HESON is anti-Japanese with the name, and a lot of material hits.
Kim and HYONJU are an old remark, so when I probably take a picture of a drama “land”, it seems to have spoken, so it’s too old, and I can’t search for news.
I take a picture at Takeshima for a protest to Japan and, when I’m lucky, an article may be found.

That information on the Korean doing an anti-day can be given, just as it is, it can be trusted, without, it’s felt to be seeing a category here rather to incur ill feeling.
I think information finds it, and is more highly reliable by itself, so how about searching by a way above-mentioned?
That I thought the group which says a strange thing needed the beginning even if it was done from its experience, that a distrust to Korea is taken out, that everything is simple, I came in, came across an article about being written here and there and increased in the reliability in the material anti-Han shows.
When keeping reading Korean news continually if I’m interested in a Korean drama, I think there are also a lot of chances to touch which performing artist does what kind of expression, and what kind of activity you’re carrying on.
I ask Korean stance of mass communication, opinion and tendency of the people, and it’s possible to know about a problem of the Japan-Korea relations, and I think it’ll be the trigger which thinks whether there is a problem related everywhere in Japan and the Republic of Korea, so I’ll recommend to read news by Korean mass communication.
Further, even Kim and TEHINYUSU are so, but news of the remark with the stronger anti-Japanese color has been also eliminated from Korean Yahoo! fairly. The news that I have no relation is in even something’s old being often left.
Chosen Nippo and Chuo Nippo
If I’m familiar, please read a Korean edition. The Japanese edition is anti-Japanese compared with the president’s previous time, the color, an forcing article doesn’t appear on it. It seems to be also considering that it becomes disadvantageous to selling of Han way entertainment.
An anti-Japanese article is often mentioned without reserve by a Korean edition, so when I’m interested, it’s also an advance to a Korean edition.



There wouldn’t be a person who says such thing.
Even if he doesn’t like Japan and disrespects Japan, a Korean performing artist has come to Japan to work for money.

Even an office worker doesn’t work only with a favorite partner.
When you’re a customer even if the client’s big person in charge is an unpleasant partner, you answer with a smiling face, right?

When North Korea is rotted, when the financial power of Korea is weak, it isn’t possible to resist.
But, the population of Korea and the market scale are small and are Japanese half.
I come to Japan to earn the foreign currency because domestic financial development is limited.

Chang group foot was a press conference, and I said.
“Japanese gin, KIRAI…… bullfinch and opening.”

When broadcasting in Korea, it’s the calculation to cut it behind “KIRAI”.
(Only a part of “Japanese gin and KIRAI” doesn’t let the news that I went to Japan run, and is used.)
In Japan, “Pro-Japanese”, it’s dressed, it’s anti-Japanese in Korea.”
I also try to earn in Japan while keeping popularity in Korea in this way.