Jon group called a tyrant in a Korean monarchial age. What kind of cruel thing has been done?


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What kind of monarch was Mr. Mt. swallow (Jon group)?

I was born as eldest son of Beethoven’s symphony No. 9 charge king Narimune in 1476, received a death of my father king in 1494 and acceded.
By the back 1506 and court coup which did reign for 12 years, abandoned, the next died and was driven away.
His tragedy has started from parents’ quarrel.
The second Mr. empress in of my father king was a real mother. She had the violent mood changes and was an empress strong in prohibited jealousy by Imperial Court.
I jumped at the king who goes to the dimension of the concubine and put a scratch on the face.
It was detected that I tried to envy concubines and kill them with poison by arsenic, and I got a punishment of an abandoned princess, and he was confined to his parents’ home leniently.
Two king’s strict mother king former empresses and concubines who were nearly killed didn’t make the abandoned princess the condition. Mr. haikisakiin took mortal medicine down from a king as sense pear of repentance by a conspiracy of three people. Mr. Mt. swallow was still young at the same time, so I knew no mothers.
Mr. Mt. swallow who succeeded my father king in the position was an all ordinary monarch.
The thing by which it’s accession the after fourth year that he changes suddenly.
The certain exploit party going to drive away the Shirin party which took charge of political power around the king and grasp the real power has secretlied inform against a mortal truth of king’s real mother to Mr. Mt. swallow.
An enraged king has begun to retaliate to the people who died and drove away a mother.
The bureaucrats of Shirin party who disposed of an abandoned princess on the pretext of the rule of Confucianism and insisted on mortal medicine were given by making the first kill first. Next the instigators who drove away a mother to an abandoned princess and a concubine of two people, grandmother’s king former empress and my father king have been killed by their hand.
The Cabinet minister and the bureaucrat who dissuade king’s tyrannical behavior were made demotion and banishment immediately, and when being cruel, didn’t also mind killing.
I assaulted the person who hits a sister-in-law of my father king in other words my aunt and drove away in suicide.
A beautiful married woman was put on her admiration princess, and it was blinded by a wine and woman, and a treasury was used up in luxury and pleasures.
Voice of resentment to an adopted king has also happened to such humanity all over the country.
There was a sign by which a rebellion breaks out at all part, but a coup plan was executed at king’s footing, and a sect in my different abdomen younger brother of Mr. Mt. swallow took the throne.
Mr. Mt. swallow who became the abandoned place met the rather cruel end at a banishment destination.



It’s yang196811, oh, it’s very detailed, isn’t it?

After Mr. real mother Yuen chooses as Ince great princess and a concubine as the reason which became a tyrant of Mr. Jon San in recent years.
An opinion as the purpose which knows that you could make an abandoned princess do and clears the hostility has gone out.

But on the other hand though you point at a finger of derision from childish time with a child of an abandoned princess though you’re an heir.
Because for Jon who grew up to protect himself about a regality, the royal authority is strengthened.
The officers of an Imperial Court who defy themselves are being relegated one after another, and it’s by all cruel torture.
There is also a view to which outrageous death was given.

The hit which violates a wife in Mr. Gassan and starts on vassal’s wife?
It seems quite lecherous.
There are sodomy and the opinion which was here.



By an addition.

There were two tyrants and a called king in the Yi-Dynasty dynasty.

One person, the 10th Mr. Mt. generation king swallow, one person is already 15th generation king Terumi.

With two people, as a tyrant, abandoned, a mausoleum number, an honorific title and a posthumous name are famed, and it isn’t done because I’m a done king.

There is a drama which was done by using the time when these two people were doing reign as a king as a base material fairly.

The drama by which Mr. Mt. swallow appears, [oath of court lady-in-waiting CHANGUMU] and [king and I], then the tyrant way is drawing a movie [king’s man].