Makoto Tamaru. Nobuyuki’s wife, I’ll put it, uneasiness was felt.

A hammer is being seen pleasantly every week for Makoto Tamaru.

Nobuyuki’s wife who has appeared will put it in the 3rd talk, but.
I also get the impression from which a year is away too much.
In histrionic of that cough, “good”
It has been.

Because the 1st talk is setting in Nobushige teens, it’s the 3rd talk, Nobuyuki?
I think it’s about twenties.
OKOU is sickly but aren’t they too old?
Mr. Takahata, the mother saw.

When the cast is confirmed, an actress in fifties perform, please.
You were here.
When it itself is probably an experienced person of a play, and an actress is no problem.
I think, by what kind of aim is casting done, please?
Are you here?

They’re quite young, so would Komatsu princess like to make its difference stand out?
Is it so?

I say that it’s stopped to see even though there is this separately.
They aren’t translations, I don’t change and like very much, who, that.
I’d like to hear impressions, and I have written unconsciously.


Good Answer.

As of three accounts, by a historical evidence
Masayuki, about 17 years old
My wife is in twenties at most from teens, too, the first half
Komatsu princess is about 10 years old.

When I say by the actual age of Mr. actor.
Mr. Nobuyuki role Hiroshi Oizumi is 43 years old.
Mr. Komatsu princess role Yoshida sheep is in forties.
Ms. role Satomi Chono who misses, 54 years old
When it’ll be, and the actual age is compared, all 3 people are strange, but to make Komatsu princess look youthful with the purpose out of which the image as my wife if crawling, who is quite sickly on the unpleasant age my wife asks is taken, it may be the one by which casting was an older actress more than Mr. Oizumi.

I think it’s also affected by a historical evidence.
Father Masayuki Sanada set a mark of Sanada family because my elder brothers had been killed in a battle.
Whether it was for it made eldest son Nobuyuki of my daughter (I put it by Makoto Tamaru.) and Masayuki of my killed in a battle elder brother (eldest son) get married, so my Nobuyuki wife can also be called the blood vessels of the Sanada direct line of descent actually as of this.

But Nobuyuki will marry Komatsu princess after that though he bore a successor by a lawful wife, and my wife is downgraded by a concubine.

For rebellion to Komatsu princess to occur from now on by a young commendable lady from this development, I thought maybe casting was done selfishly intentionally as an image as a married couple which matches to be sickly and to pine also not to be on bad terms with Nobuyuki and to worry about neither of two people reciprocally somehow in other words my wife it’s difficult for an audience to empathize with whom so that service as my wife couldn’t be achieved.



This time is Miya work.

I don’t know unnaturalness of the age.
… is concerned with a cough, and it’s so-called Mitani Koki for that, you’re playing-. A laugh has occurred to my home, but….
To your elder brother and my wife, such one, KAI! It was seen, stay here, the situation which laughs at misery.

A laugh is being also inlaid, but Sanada family can think well about the strategy to survive, and I’m being drawn and am looking forward to it every week!



They looked like a mother certainly (warai), didn’t they?

Still a year is also away from the male camp and I’m approaching in a year like a drama, so is it inevitable there, I think.