Mary made PAWAHARA a manager with SMAP, and it always collided.

A manager declared dismissal not to renew next from Mary with SMAP, and a manager looked for a transfer destination at the end.
Then it was that a certain record branch office accepts.

If Kim Taku approved transfer, got understanding of 5 people and was advancing preparations at first, too, but I speak to my wife, it’s denied for some reason (?) “Because it was called by my wife, it’s left in Johnnys.” when the next and an office weren’t also accepted if we were not 5, transfer spoke to Kim Taku who went back to the beginning about that for Mary.

“Get out of Mary with SMAP on your own.”, I know a manager to be advancing the preparations which make SMAP transferred to pronouncing dismissal really, and, KIRE.

If if I resign from it, billions of units of penal sum can be paid, and I want you to renew contract, apologize to the office, not a fan using a public radio wave, I’ll make them run 100 kilometers of marathon on a television for 24 hours! I got angry.

I succeeded in only Kim Taku’s who made the cause of the SMAP split raising Mary’s favorable public image.

So the way a rat doesn’t have to pay huge penal sum for which is planning to break up Kim Taku with a concert in September I have to be in Johnnys until September with work when in the end.

Is this right?