Minegishi of a lie zap, it isn’t seen, don’t you think commercial failure?
Does 48 kilogram of 43 kilogram of-> amount to little?

I think if I say that 20 kilogram of 10 kilogram decreased, I have the effect.
Even if the person who isn’t so fat originally gets thin.
Is there no PR effect?
geki gained weight in the past, and I dieted more than 15 kilogram.


Good Answer.

warai where I thought of that certainly, too
POTCHARI doesn’t find out well… by 48kg (<_<), does it?



Does the figure change so much by only 5 kilogram?
I thought so.

In the figure before a zap and truth, 48kg??
Even a person of height 150cm isn’t such figure by 48kg, but.

Minegishi, it isn’t seen, for, was the publication weight 48kg (^-^;)?



I suggest you think by the ratio of before a diet and the after weight.