Mr. popular idle Mayu Tomita is an instant death state… event, and it’s stuck into a fan, and is the instant death state false?


A female idol, stick, unconscious serious condition  At Tokyo and Koganei, fan event  The Metropolitan Police Department and a man, by injury suspicion, flagrante delicto arrest
2016.5.21 20:18  Sankei news.

Around 5:00pm on the 21st, a lady of twenties was stuck into a man more than one times with a knife at a multi-tenant building in Honcho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo. The serious condition which is conveyed by a lady in a hospital in Metropolitan area and is unconscious. The Metropolitan Police Department Koganei officer who received a report and ran 110th Street secured the male person who was near the site and arrested flagrante delicto by injury suspicion.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, a man, address vocational unknown and iwasaki (I’m here, work putting) Tomohiro suspect (27). A lady was carrying on entertainment activity of an idle campaign according to the investigation person concerned, and an exchange event with a fan was opened by one room in a building in a site on the day. The said office thinks a iwasaki suspect was a female fan. A witness, “A lady was stuck.”, it was reported number 110.

The center of town where a site is near JR Musashikoganei station and the Koganei-shi government office.




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