Mr. Tanooka Daiwa (7) becomes missing in Hokkaido Nanae-cho.

Maybe the boy was made left by parent training.

(※ Asahi National Broadcasting  Than report of report station SUNDAY)

How do you think of parents of Daiwa?



You should reflect on training.



It’s a method so insignificant training personally, isn’t it?
If is the parent one disciplined again? For, I think.



When a result is seen, blame would go to the parent made left, but please think the stone a child threw had serious illness in case of passerby’s vital spot. The act which throws a stone is quite vicious. It seems to become missing and survive for one week when I make it left, for quite naughty bad child. I think there was a problem with a pro-rage person, but I think of some training which makes stop by all means as the needed position.