Mr. Tanooka Daiwa (7) becomes missing in Hokkaido Nanae-cho.

Maybe the boy was made left by parent training.

(※ Asahi National Broadcasting  Than report of report station SUNDAY)

How do you think of parents of Daiwa?


Good Answer.

It might be found really safely.

I think it’s “for this parent behavior, overdoing” if I’ll do an answer of a question by personal observation.
I think it isn’t called the training I make reflect to make it left and separate an eye from a child. If it’s being judged from farsightedness, can the face which is rather regretted be seen?
And it’s that I have lain, and investigation has been serious. I think so.
One Japan Self-Defense Forces are being moved by the behavior and trouble is being given to to Sawayama. I think dispatch of Japan Self-Defense Forces understands great importance of the thing served by a national tax, but I think the anxiety by which it didn’t have my young any more was terrible. The life of the child is more valuable than money, and a child is Japanese treasure.
That I mentioned the visit name in such net society and apologized, I think it’s already enough.
It has taken a criminal question by a net as well as an elapse in time more than it isn’t found too much, and you doubt misusage, has not it? There are no cases that I may lie, aren’t there?
I’m wishing selfishly that you can live the life which doesn’t change with usual again early.



I think behavior lacks consideration. There are no too ordinary senses. That I take my eyes off a child easily and moreover that a child was left at a mountain. That it isn’t ordinary if I say training and the category.



The somebody else’s problem even how good-natured for a thing in the home is it?
I don’t want to concern.