Mr. Tetsuya Miyazaki, “I say to there in KAJIN, and, committee”, it’s said that they have been replaced. It was being announced formally by a certain radio program and Shinbo Jiro in the case, was being criticized severely.

Was a relation with Mr. Shinbo so bad that Mr. Miyazaki felt like being replaced? This program was being seen for several years, but neither of two people saw as there was such manner. I like both, so it’s an impact in plenty.


Good Answer.

It was being asked by Nippon Broadcasting System, but I was saying “Only 1 a month had gone out any more.”, but. It wasn’t an image good for Shinbo certainly, but Shinbo returned exactly, too and did I fail to hear?



After there is no Mr. TA KAJIN, have not you come to the limit by and by, it’s difficult by…… leading role absence…,…,….



Whether you say that a relation is bad interrupts the opinion which is a panel though Shinbo is MC, and carries only the opinion through, and, the end! Yes, my opinion is a conclusion! There is an arrogant place where I say so.
Miyazaki was bothering a remark constantly, too.