New car purchase, big, it’s regretted!
Subaru Impreza was bought in October. It’s car delivery waiting now. Payment is unready.
You’re announcing that Impreza will carry out a full model change next year recently!
It’s bought in October.

When doing, the body discount was to fifty thousand before an announcement of eye site loading in 1.6l. After a full model change was announced, you should be able to expect a discount of the present type.
In other words, the time I bought is most ill-timed, and it’s regretted very much now.

The latest is also very charming.

It’s a question.
(1) Is a case like the above that that is all right? There was no new-style information from a store. I was checking a full model change briskly, too, but 、、、, can, to the extent I’d like to cancel the contract.
(2) How to have it the intention but it’s regretted now that I don’t have that, whether you could advise.
Such as the latest-model car is expensive.

Please refrain from the criticism which regrets very much that it was sweet in itself.


Good Answer.

Even if sale information on a new car goes out to present Subaru at any rate, old Subaru Enterprise doesn’t do a special discount so much.
Management is shifting to profit emphasis more than sales number is increased.
Oh, because a hit is the reason rising in the world one after another compared with the past, Subaru Enterprise seems to be also doing bullish business, don’t they?

If it’s so and is the latest and a dying model, the dying model has higher percentage of completion, so isn’t the dying one preferred?
Improvement improvement isn’t only a major change minor change, is performed by a car at a part which isn’t visible.
A dying model thinks the percentage of completion has high percentage of completion compared with the latest.

It isn’t Subaru, but when taking Accord, the latest has been bought and it has been replaced with a dying model, but tuning has evolved like a just different car.
After that, a car buys a dying model.
Present is a daily throughput MURANO dying model (^_^).



It’s lack of its study which couldn’t get new-style information. Because it’s inevitable even if money is lost with being not too conscious of a discount, I’ll cancel the car now and make it new-style. A car compromises and doesn’t take it. When buying it, money was lost and, I benefited from it and, if not saying on the own, it isn’t understood.



When should it be even canceled now?