Norika Fujiwara and Jinnai, after all, H?

When taking a bath together even if I got married, they don’t seem to have had that, do they? Fujiwara does a good year, and, “Because I’m embarrassed.”, and,* and I are being never done! He thinks so, but how does everyone think? Even if Jinnai has an affair if he meets, isn’t it inevitable? Jinnai was telling to be bad one-sidedly, but there is also a place considered a little, isn’t there? Only a person concerned understood a truth, but… I remembered and didn’t make it satisfied now somehow, so I questioned boringly.
Please answer only the person who can associate.


Good Answer.

… which came across the one as “The one which is being done with Norika Fujiwara?” “I had such no time.” by conversation with my entertainer company by some entertainment news before
A truth isn’t understood, but it’s fact that I kept being busy and passing each other each other, isn’t it?
It seems that only Jinnai is treated as the bad guy, but I think it’s “both, which”.
That both of two people also take much work and also call a home… by that would be difficult.



You could make a weekly magazine do only three times before and.
I had the one as Norika room, and it was with a key, and it wasn’t put in and.
Impossible.. what was it being read as (The book were browsed at a supermarket.) while thinking

Because no one is seeing actually.
It isn’t understood, is it?