Of NHK first radio, Mari Yamada who takes charge of “ball YAJU in the afternoon” and. You can’t proceed with a program so and that it doesn’t seem main personality I don’t also like reading a kanji. Language to a guest and daily personality is also NA.

Such Mari Yamada and, even if a complaint is handed down to NHK, a program remains the same.

Why won’t you try to improve a program?

Isn’t it transmitted to a program staff?

Is there a thing which heard a program as ball YAJU in this afternoon?


Good Answer.

At the prefecture where I live, AM broadcast, commercial broadcasting and NHK, first, second. A radio is needed throughout the day and to hear the weather and urgent information instead of a clock while working.
Mari Yamada and a middle age female announcer higher than voice of SAN are broadcasting every day, and moreover the commercial broadcasting in the afternoon in my area is boring to the fullest.
It’s inevitable, so NHK radio is heard. I was hearing “ball YAJU in the afternoon” from sign on in April.
Additionally they were too severe on an immature toque and a poor vocabulary variously, and a complaint mail was sent to the broadcast for fourth day in a program to chattering of Mari Yamada difficult to hear and SAN, the anger was made bare during a broadcast to my complaint mail by performer’s all the members of people on Thursday.
Voice of the performer who gets angry about my mail is heard, and is my sense different from other listeners?
Is manufacturers’ anger of NHK natural? I could make them consider variously.
I kept thinking I’ll change Mari Yamada and SAN to the respectable main personality by participating as a listener more… than an idea is criticized once more and sending the fun mail which isn’t criticized, and it was read, but there are almost no cases that that and my mail are read by a program after a criticism mail is sent to the beginning of August.
Mr. Yamada’s too noisy chuckle, it has become so continuous in the feeling your own taking out the laughter which seems to be with work, and such as talking, interrupting talk and even not hearing guest’s talk that I think it’s an allusion with troublesome voice louder even than that from the next day when the mail to which I pay attention was sent.

Mari Yamada and SAN seem quite competitive, don’t they?
Because I think the program composition and the regular performer are good, the personality way from which Mari Yamada and SAN don’t grow is regrettable.
In fact, please become obstinate by listener’s criticism.
I think the remark which looks like “* which should be changed because there were other radio stations if I didn’t want to hear,*” in a program early stage was being done, even though I say NHK radio, I should stand up by the subscription fee, when regarding as* etc., I have that.

My wife who hears together is saying “MARI YA doesn’t need by a staff, Mari and Chang say MARI YA to need, A which didn’t know. It’s wonderful. OMOSHIROI. YATTAA. My husband is A. By an o-month-old child… OO!!. She thinks she needs only to record the numbers of how to laugh which seem to be with work, press a button and let it run.”, does he?.

Because it’s that you can’t be a parent and also eat as a model like the age, I have to accept criticism by the feeling that they’re obedient and do self-reform to consult listener’s opinion and bloom as the radio personality, I think even a television accepts other radio programs, and a place disappears.
Mari Yamada and SAN record the program and ask every day, and what “is bad”, when I don’t repent, you’d have your back to the wall, right?

NHK and a staff show an interest in a good opinion favorable to oneself, but disadvantageous criticism is hostile by a look from the top, and intention of ignoring does.

NHK, it itself, the one by which a program staff makes the listener stupid or Mari Yamada and, well, oh, it was imagined variously that one doesn’t have the intension or that all the members are seeing only a fawning listener, but NHK was same as the Shogunate bureaucrat in Edo last years, and thought there was only awareness of danger below the officer.



It’s surprise in a gap of people’s reputation and its value. Because the sense of values and my sense of values of Mr. interrogator who got a good impression… are rather different in me of course, it’s also fact that evaluation is different. There is a right to choose, so when it isn’t satisfactory, a listener shouldn’t just listen. When objections is made, it’ll be SAZOSUKKIRI, but I think there is also good of this program. It isn’t heard carefully, so roughness may be the one difficult to hear. It seems very good for casual hearing heard during driving. It was recorded while thinking of.



Yamada YOO! Does red Ana stop to laugh while inhaling, and return, Shibahara? ↑ Is he blockish? More subscription fee payment is noncommercial broadcasting! You see a joke entertainer, laugh and sleep, and is that time time elderly hears? You hear, feces man.